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Groceries Safely Delivered to Your Hospital Ward at West Suffolk Hospital
Groceries Safely Delivered to Your Hospital Ward

Order by 11am for same-day delivery to Wards between 1-3pm

Delivering to Wards at West Suffolk Hospital

As you can't come to us, we will come to you!

Choose from our selection of drinks, snacks, sweets and chocolate, as well as useful mobility aids

How this works

Start Shopping

Start your shop by choosing from one of the categories below or use the main menu at the top of your screen

How it works

1. Fill your online shopping trolley with products

2. Select your Ward for delivery

3. You need to spend at least £3. Pay with your debit or credit card

4. We’ll deliver your products to you for an additional 50p

5. Should we receive your order after 11am or at the weekend, delivery will be on the next working day

The Friends Shop delivery service

This online store delivers products from The Friends Shop to selected wards within West Suffolk Hospital.

Order by 11am and your order will be delivered to your chosen Ward the same day 1pm-3pm.

This service currently operates Monday to Friday.