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Groceries Safely Delivered to Your Hospital Ward at West Suffolk Hospital
Groceries Safely Delivered to Your Hospital Ward

Wrigleys Sugar-Free Extra Cool Breeze Chewing Gum 14g


Extra Sugar-Free Gum is Beneficial For Dental Health As It Helps To Neutralise Plaque Acids.

INGREDIENTS: Sweeteners Sorbitol, Xylitol, Aspartame, Mannitol, Acesulfame K, Gum Base, Humectant Glycerol, Thickener Gum Arabic, Flavourings, Emulsifier Soya Lecithin, Glazing Agent Carnauba Wax, Antioxidant BHA.

Contains a Source Of Phenylalanine

Excessive Consumption May Produce Laxative Effects

 DISCLAIMER: For full details of ingredients please read the pack label as the information The Friends of West Suffolk Hospital Shop provides is for guidance only. We cannot guarantee the ingredients and allergens as the manufacturer may change the ingredients at short notice and without warning.